Where is Rosy Beauty Parlour and Training Academy located ?

Answer : Rosy Beauty Parlour and Training Academy is located in Bokaro Thermal. It is situated in one of the best known areas of the region named Janta Nagar Colony. It is near to DVC Station Club. The exact postal address is as follows :-

Rosy Beauty Parlour

At – Janta Nagar Colony  (road opposite to DVC Station Club)

P.O – Bokaro Thermal,

Dist – Bokaro,

State – Jharkhand (India)

PIN – 829107

Phone :+ 91 6549 266079

Mobile : + 91 9263513999 / + 91 7209513999

Website :

Email :

What are the different training programs/coursesoffered?

Answer : The following training programs are being offered.

  • Hobby Beauty Course : The hobby beauty course is meant for enhancing the personal grooming skills of an individual. As the name suggests, it is just for hobby and does not make the individual fit enough to come in the “professional” field of imparting beauty services.

Duration : 3 months

Course Fee (for Physically Challenged) :Rs. 2000/- (in two installments of Rs.1000/- each)

Course Fee (for all others) :Rs. 3000/- (in two installments of Rs.1500/- each)

  • Professional Beautician Course : The professional Beautician course is much more elaborative and extended, when compared to the hobby course. It makes the learner capable of delivering professional services to their prospective clients if they venture into the professional line of beauty & fashion. Rigorous training and real-time handling of clients, make the professional course very much different from its “hobby” counterpart.

Duration : 6 months

Course Fee (for Physically Challenged) :Rs. 5100/- (in three installments of Rs. 1700/- each)

Course Fee (for all others) :Rs. 7500/- (in three installments of Rs. 2500/- each)

  • Mehandi Course : The mehandi course is a short – term course intended to impart training in the art of Henna (Mehandi) application on hands and feet. The practical application of this training program can be done for personal grooming or looking good at festive occasions or for bridal makeup during matrimonial tie-ups.

Duration : 1 month

Course Fee (for Physically Challenged) :Rs. 600/- (in two instalments of Rs. 300/- each)

Course Fee (for all others) :Rs. 1000/- (in two instalments of Rs. 500/- each)

  • Saree Draping Course : The saree draping course is one of the innovative short duration course offered by the Training Academy. The course intends to train prospective candidates in the art of wearing sarees in different fashionable styles in accordance to need of the hour and situation .

Duration : 1 month

Course Fee (for Physically Challenged) :Rs. 600/- (in two instalments of Rs. 300/- each)

Course Fee (for all others) :Rs. 1000/- (in two instalments of Rs. 500/- each)

What is the eligibility criterion to pursue the courses?

Answer : The course(s) offered by the institution shall be open to all FEMALE candidates irrespective of caste, creed, religion, territorial affiliation or marital status. However, the age of the candidate should not be less than 15 years or more than 55 years.

Is there any educational pre-requisite to take up the courses?

Answer : No, there is no fixed formal educational pre-requisite to pursue any course offered by Rosy Beauty Parlour and Training Academy. The only requirement is the basic knowledge of reading and writing Hindi or English and the dedication to learn.

What is the Admission Process ?

Answer : The admission to any of the courses begins with submitting a duly filled application form for the concerned course.

    • Application form(s) can be downloaded from the Parlour’s website – or collected in person from the institution by submitting Rs.50/- for each form.
    • After getting the form, the same must be duly filled and sent to the institution’s address either by post or in person. (Do NOTattach demand draft, postal order, money order, cash or any other document with the application form)
    • The applicant shall be intimated regarding the confirmation (or non-confirmation) and other modalities of the admission process within 1-2 days of receiving the application form at the institution. The same shall be on the same day, if the application is submitted in person.
    • Note : The selection of candidates will be done on first come first serve basis.

Can two or more courses be pursued simultaneously ?

Answer : Yes, a candidate can pursue two or more courses at the same time provided she shall be able to justifiably handle all the assignments related to the course without any issue or lacunas.

Is hostel facility available ?

Answer : No, presently there is no hostel facility available for the enrolled candidates. Candidates shall have to make their own arrangement for accommodation, transportation, fooding and other requirements.

What is the number of seats in each course ?

Answer : As of now, the total number of seats in each course is Twenty Five (25). However, as deemed fit, the institution reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of seats at any point of time.

Is there any special provision for Differently-Abled/Physically Challenged/Handicappedcandidates ?

Answer : Yes, the institution is sensitive towards the Differently-Abled/PH/VH/Handicapped candidates and owes responsibility towards their welfare and development. In this direction, there shall be flat rebate in the fees for course(s) pursued by them. The detail about the applicable fee for such candidates is provided in the ‘Courses Offered’ section.

Is certificate issued at the end of the course ?

Answer : Yes, every candidate who successfully completes all the requirements of the course shall be provided with a certificate.

What if there is some kind of dispute ?

Answer : In case of any dispute, the verdict of the institution shall be final and binding upon all the concerned. However, in the event of any legal issue, the case shall be only under the jurisdiction of Ranchi Court, Jharkhand, INDIA.